A Thank-You Letter from Blue Sheep 一封来自岩羊的感谢信

摘要: A Thank-You Letter from Blue Sheep一封来自岩羊的感谢信

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A Thank-You Letter from Blue Sheep


It has been very busy since May at Blue Sheep. We have had many people coming to buy from us in the last 2 months. The sales are good and we are so touched that you all come and support us. Even people from other cities and provinces have come to visit us. People in other countries also have asked their friends or families to purchase gifts from Blue Sheep for them. We are grateful that there are so many people who care about Blue Sheep and the producers behind Blue Sheep. Our producers also are thrilled to know their handicrafts can become this popular

   自从五月份开始岩羊就变得非常忙碌。 过去两个月,四面八方的朋友都来到店铺购买产品支持岩羊。销售数字已经爆棚,岩羊团队也很感动,很多外县, 外省的朋友们也赶来支持岩羊。 还有其他国家的客人也请朋友和家人为他们“代购”岩羊的产品。


The local medias are also trying to promote Blue Sheep to achieve their social responsibilities. Our sincere thanks go to Ergeng, WMG, Chengdu Economic Daily, SCTV-4, China Daily, Go Chengdoo, and other medias.

  本地的媒体也很热心的宣传岩羊,也得以实现他们的社会责任。 我们衷心的感谢二更视频,华西都市报,成都商报,四川电视台四频道,中国日报,成都城市指南以及其他所有媒体。

Wuhou Social Affairs Dep. and Chengdu Women’s Federation have been very supportive as well.


Also there are other individuals and organizations that have come in and helped us in different ways.



People coming in and purchasing from us


Deborah, Marteen and Andy helping Blue Sheep redecorating the shop


Ergeng having Auction for Blue Sheep


    IFS selling Blue Sheep handicrafts


 Meets visiting Blue Sheep


 Hongyuan Yak Music Festival



People also donated money and offered to volunteer at Blue Sheep to display products, to take pictures, to set up Wechat Shop and to do errands.

   大家也向岩羊的一些特殊生产商捐款,也有志愿者来店铺设计陈列, 拍摄产品照片,开设微店,也有帮我们跑腿的志愿者。

We all can do small things and we all can do with great love.

Thank you all so very much!! Hope you have enjoyed your visit to Blue Sheep. And your appreciation for the handicrafts really means a lot to us and our producers.


Last but not the least, Blue Sheep Wechat Shop is coming soon. We will update the latest news to you through Public Wechat!!

Look forward seeing you in the future !

最后,最重要的是,岩羊微店马上就开好了。我们会通过微信公众号向大家更新岩羊的消息。 期待以后能与各位见面!!


Our mission is to

■Create opportunities for disadvantaged people

■Develop markets for skilled craftsmen

■Promote Fair Trade practices

■Ensure cultural preservation

Address: Shop35, A Qu, Gaohua erjije


TEL: Kacci15882462959Dr.Ray 15882336584


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